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Re: Ed Greek Horoscope - v.14.173
« Reply #30 on: January 04, 2021, 06:37:43 PM »
Hi there - I am releasing the latest update for Ed Greek Horoscope today. This is v.14.173. There is a minor bug fix for the legend display, plus the ability to show lots in the outer wheel calculated from topic to topic. This means the lot position is solely determined by its place in a whole sign, rather than the specific degree that it occupies.

4 January 2021

Horoscope-Classical-Ed Greek Horoscope: v.14.173 -  bug fix for fortune glyph in legend, includes display of topic-based lots in outer wheel, updated help file

From the Help File:

Users may add lots to the outer wheel display using the 'Outer Wheel Display' menu. These lots can be clicked on and off as the user wishes using the 'Choose Additional Lots' menu. The additional lots are ones that typically appear in the classical literature. Most are from Valens, but others were widely used including Exaltation and Basis. Users can choose between showing lots calculated from degree to degree, or lots that are calculated from topic to topic (without consideration of the degree). For further reference see the resources menu.

See screenshot for a sample.

Thanks. Ed