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I don't mind sharing the codes but it's messy inside hahaha which was why Jean had a difficult time figuring out what I was trying to do  ;D ;D ;D

Hello Jean, Hello Ed,

I got the "gethousepos(0, pos)" to work, whoooopie!

If I use it inside a function ":searchhouse" it gets confused, like me hehehe. So I just used it within the body of  ":go" and it worked.
I've done initial checking of the data and so far I am getting the right info.

Thank you so much, both of you, for helping and the encouragement was what really kept me going :)


Thank you ABer and Jean  ;D for the guidance.

I copied the codes and I will try them over the weekend.

Thank you for creating Planetdance  :) :) :)

Hello  :)

Hoping that someone could help me with what code to use. I modified planetaryhour.ab to show additional data that I need but I can't get the house to show up. I used :

1. calculate(0, jd, lon, lat, -1)
2. getplanets(0, planet)" and "sign=planet[6]/30 - to get the sign of a particular planet
3. total = getaspects(0, P1, P2, As) - to get aspect

I tried gethousepos but I can't get it to work. I need to get the house of a particular planet.

Thank you :)

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