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Astrobasic / create a temporary file
« on: September 01, 2020, 07:04:05 PM »
greetings to all.
I try to ask for help to solve a problem on a module we would like to create.

the problem is not selecting a database and scrolling through the data
but temporarily stores the resulting data from each theme on a temporary array / file.
increasing a total to snap to the detected aspect string
sun at 13 from mercury I would like to write
0 (sun), 13 (asp), 3 (mercury), 1 (total readings)
obviously if the data is already present
0 (sun), 13 (asp), 3 (mercury), 2 (total readings)

at the end of the reading, obviously sort the table and
put everything on a file.

This last part we should be able to do it ourselves.
with other languages ​​I would use an indexed file which
I would increase as I add data.

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