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Title: Lifetime Directions and Progressions
Post by: ABer on October 24, 2020, 06:55:17 PM
There is the new module for Planetdance. You can find it under the Time menu:

Time-Tools: Lifetime Directions and Progressions: module that calculates 100 years of directions or progressions for the solar return date/time for the place of birth.

From the Help File: This module shows a circular presentation of the positions of planets at the time and date of each solar return, in relation to the natal chart, over a period of 100 years from birth. The positions are calculated for the place of birth.

Users can choose to display positions for each year after birth for solar arcs, transits (effectively solar returns), naibod arcs, one-degree arcs, mean solar arcs and secondary progressions.

The positions of each planet are shown by a small circle on the natal chart. Retrograde planets at each are shown with a turquoise highlight. On the righthand side of the screen the date and time of each solar return is listed.

Users can calculate a particular directed or progressed chart by clicking on the list entry of the relevant year and using the Menu button in the main window to choose the item Calculate Return. This will calculate the directed or progressed positions for the place of birth and display the chart in the main Planetdance window. The positions calculated are determined by the choice made by the user.

Users can choose the planetary and angular positions to display in the 100 year view by clicking on the relevant check boxes on the left hand side of the screen. Alongside each checkbox, the planet glyph is displayed along with the sign and degree position in the natal chart.

Options Menu

Users can choose whether or not to show the natal planets, planet position lines and house cusps.

Users can opt to show a 'now circle' which marks the current date. This helps to identify the current solar return. The circle will only be shown if the current date falls within the timespan of the graph. By moving the mouse over the graph, users can identify the date and zodiacal position of points of interest.

Users can also opt for thicker lines in the chart wheel, or to use big symbols.

Different combinations of settings can be saved as .flo files and reloaded as required.

There is also an accompanying video on Jean's youtube channel at (

Thanks. Ed
Title: Re: Lifetime Directions and Progressions
Post by: ABer on October 25, 2020, 07:19:49 AM
Hi there - minor update released to positioning for the radio box and menu button.

v.1.02 - bug fix for positioning radio box and menu button

Thanks. Ed
Title: Re: Lifetime Directions and Progressions
Post by: ABer on November 07, 2020, 04:50:47 PM
Hi everyone - there is a new release for this module:

v.3.13 - added additional functionality including ability to change start date and show twenty years of positions

From the helpfile:

A more limited time span can be selected by altering the date as year in the date box and clicking the Calculate button. This will allow a user selected span of twenty years to be displayed.

Thanks. Ed