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Planetdance Android
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Planetdance for Android.

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Copyright J. Cremers. 2013-2018
Software used: Qt for Android 5.2, Swiss Ephemeris, Notepad++

- Basics The app has several slots for horoscopes. You can have two radices, a transit, and derivatives like progression, harmonic etc in memory. These will be reloaded on the next startup. You can calculate horoscopes by using the New menu, or load them from disk by Open, you can view the slots in memory by using View or by swiping. Entries in the View menu may be greyed out if they are not yet calculated.
In the Synastry menu entries may also be greyed out if the necessary data is not yet available.
Horoscopes you calculate like a progression or a harmonic etc are not automatically recalculated if you load or calculate another radix, those slots will remain to have the progression etc you calculated earlier for the other person, calculate them again for the new radix if you want to see that.

- Swiping You can swipe left / right to see the various pages with info about the current horoscope like Aspects, Data etc. There is no preview, you swipe and you see the other page instantly as soon as you lift your finger. In Options Two you can set behavior for swiping, you can adjust the minimum distance your finger has to travel so you can adjust sensitivity and you can set it to wrap around at the edges.
You can also swipe up/down to switch between the various horoscope slots in memory, or even the list with recent horoscopes, see Options Two.

- Older databases Since version 3 there is a change in how horoscopes are stored with regards to information about country / place / timezone. Because planetdance stores it's horoscopes calculated, you will only notice the change if you edit a horoscope. It could be a place is not immediately found in the new databases, or has a slightly different name (for instance places can have umlauts and other accents now).
- Known issues
- On some devices, if you don't close the app and open other apps, this app might show a black screen when you start it again. Just close it with the backbutton and start it again. Best is either to close the app when done or use androids taskmanager to switch back to it.
- On some devices there is no "Please Wait" message.
- Arabic font on lollipop is invisible.
- Startup At start a transit is calculated for current date/time and the default place. See Options - default place. You can set what you want to program to show at startup, see Options One.

Thanks to: Marieke, Gail, Hans, Eelco, Beatrice, Martin, David, Monadhl, Pam, Ziyad, Ed, Mavis, Hank.


The other languages, Russian, Spanish and Polish are unsupported, if you want to take responsability for an translation mail me.

If you want to translate there's also a file called 'empty.lan' you can use. See the other .lan files for examples. Also see the help for Options Two Edit Language, you can use that function to create a template. The template contains lines that need translation. If you create a new language please email so I can add your work to the distribution, you name will be mentioned in the credits above.
Please be aware that it is very important to keep wordings very short. They have to fit into the menus / buttons. That may not be an issue for a big tablet but people with a small phone like a 400x800 display will not be able to read long texts, they will be shortened. Please try to test it on a small phone. Also note that i will want to contact you when there's an update with new / other words for the app.