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Hello, My name is Jean Cremers and I am an old hippy born '57 and computer programmer since 1983. I live in Groningen Netherlands.
I love to make music, all kinds of software, read science fiction and tour on my bike.

Jean's Songs

Jean's Music

Meinl bass conga, Takamine EF400SC, Alhambra 7C, Ibanez M510E, Yamaha 211SII, German violin Mittenwald 1949, Emu xboard49, Applause AE-32, Cello Wega Mittenwald-Adorf, Squier Stratocaster Classic Vibe.

Gear: Yamaha APG15, Vox stomplab, Akg C1000, Avantone Ck6, Steinberg Ur22 / Cubase, Beyerdynamics DT 931, Magnat Classic 4.

These are some rather old songs, I hope to find time and spirit for recording new material soon:
One of my own, Time, is from about 2000, windows 98, Guillemot Isis soundcard.
This one is recorded on a soundblaster and a rusty 12string, a cover from Jethro Tull's Wondering Aloud
This are the first two verses of a song called The Sailor And The Dancer from a group called 'The Incredible Stringband'. Another 'symphonic one' with a lot of instruments.
Unfinished Swallow Song by Richard Farina.
Another one of my own, Rainbow. I wanted to build a 'landscape of sounds'. The mandolin in there is actually a 'retsa bouzouki' (small bouzouki) which was given to me once. It is a bit of out of tune at places.